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We are the best in Auto electric diagnosis


What you need to understand is not every Auto technician or Auto mechanic do understand Auto electric, it is completely different field, you really need to understand the fundamental beyond electricity, it is totally different world.


At Royal Auto Sales & Service, Inc. We have over 25 years of experience in this field!


How do you know if you need an Auto Electrician and not an average mechanic!!

  • Alternator is not charging

  • Battery dies overnight "Drainage"

  • Car starts very slow or lazy in the morning

  • Turn Signals not working

  • Brake light not responding to brake pedal

  • Headlights dims or not lighting

  • Reverse light not working

  • Dash lights, interior lights, door lights and etc don't go on when they suppose to

  • We can custom install any add on components you desire to your vehicle

Auto Electric, including but not limited to; Battery, Alternator & starter check up. We are able to diagnose electric shorts and components overload and etc.

Auto electric, Alternator, Starter